RENROC GROUP PUMP TRAINING Renroc Group Deep Blue Boiler Pumps

RENROC GROUP PUMP TRAINING Renroc Group Deep Blue Boiler Pumps

The Renroc Group would be pleased to have the opportunity to plan a comprehensive technical information sessions with your engineers over lunch (Lunch & Learn)

We have an extensive industrial pump range and we can offer a variety of presentations that will benefit your engineers in the standards of pump construction and the selection of pumps in specialised industries.


We offer comprehensive presentations in:

API 610: Centrifugal pumps for Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries (approximately 30-45min)

API 685: Sealless pumps for Petroleum, Heavy Duty Chemical, Gas Industries Services  (approximately 45-60min)

Side Channel Pumps – Low Flow/High Head, self-priming gas handling pumps (approximately 25-40min)

Pump Protection (approximately 25-40min)



ASME B73.1 versus API 610 (approximately 15-30min to be delivered in conjunction with API 610)

Sealless Canned Motor Pumps: Design & Applications (approximately 60-75min)

Understanding Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps (approximately 60-75min)

Mechanical Sealed Pumps versus Sealless pumps

To read further and to plan your next lunch & learn session please review the lunch & learn brochure here and contact us to book it in.

We offer these training sessions in:

Australia (All States)

New Zealand






**Other locations upon request

Renroc Group Deep Blue Boiler Pumps

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